Goodwill Wants Your Ex's Stuff For Valentine's Day: 'Turn Your Hate Into Donate'

A Florida Goodwill retail store is encouraging jilted lovers to celebrate Valentine's Day with an act of letting go--for charity.

Goodwill wants your ex's stuff this Valentine's Day.

A Florida branch of the charity is running a drive that encourages jilted lovers to hand any sad reminders still around the house over to their retail shop.

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It's the ultimate act of letting go, just in time for the holiday of love--and it's for a good cause.

"Goodwill Manasota offers a way for others hurting from a recent breakup to heal and move on. Goodwill invites the broken-hearted to turn their 'hate' into 'donate' and support Goodwill’s programs and services throughout the community,” the company said in a press release.

It's potentially less gratifying than immolation, but spokesperson Kelly Davis Strausbaugh wants the lovelorn to know that her store, at least, will appreciate you. "Don't throw it away. Don’t burn it. Bring it to Goodwill," she said.

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And you'll even get a sticker to tell the world: "I donated my ex's stuff!"

The campaign kicks off Feb. 15 and runs through Feb. 29.

All donated items will be sold in the store. 

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