Blind Second Grader Makes Braille Valentines for All Her Classmates

A blind girl who wanted to share something special with her second grade classmates without vision impairment, pulled out her trust Braille writer.

An 8-year-old blind girl wanted to do something special for her classmates for Valentine's Day, so she made each of them a custom valentine written in Braille. 

Reddit user mack3r posted a photo of her crafty daughter's handiwork last week. 

"My daughter is blind and her grade 2 class is exchanging Valentines tomorrow. She brailled "love" on each one and then used a heart-shaped hole punch," wrote the user.

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The photo of the vivid pink and white valentines caught a lot of eyes on Reddit, where people wondered how an 8-year-old goes about writing in the special tactile alphabet.

The answer, a tool called a Perkins Brailler.

"It's like a typewriter that punches the little dots onto special paper that is just thick enough that the punches don't punch all the way through and become holes," explained mack3r.

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In addition to the Braille, each of the valentines spells out what the letter says so the other children can read it. 

The little girl got a little help from her parents with those words, but mack3r's daughter did the rest, including punching out a little heart in each valentine and the brailling.

"She's 8 now and she's been learning since she was 4 or 5 I think," wrote the poster. "(I'm) Proud, and humbled. She's amazing."

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