Cops: Thousands of Bra Inserts Filled With Liquid Meth Found in $1 Billion Drug Bust

Australian authorities arrested four men from Hong Kong for allegedly trying to smuggle methamphetamine in bras and art supplies.

Talk about a bust.

Australian authorities announced this week the arrest of four men they say tried to smuggle methamphetamine into the country inside silicone bra inserts.

As part of an investigation that involved multiple busts that began in November, Australian Federal Police seized 200 gallons of liquid meth disguised as thousands of bras as well as art supplies, officials announced in a statement Monday.

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Officials estimate the street value of the drugs to be upwards of $900 million.

The liquid would have equaled about 1,100 pounds of high-grade crystal meth, an AFP official said.

In mid January, a 33-year-old Hong Kong national was arrested and charged with importing a border controlled drug in connection with the seizure of 86 boxes of bra inserts.

Later in January, officials discovered evidence of drug manufacturing at two Sydney residences that they believe are linked to the meth seized in the art supplies.

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A 59-year-old male Chinese national, a 37-year-old male Hong Kong national and a 52-year-old female Hong Kong national were arrested and charged with knowingly taking part in the manufacture of a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug.

"The resolution of Operation Ovcharka has stopped a billion dollars-worth of ice from reaching our streets. Police working with our JOCG partner agencies continue to achieve significant ice seizures,” Commander Chris Sheehan said.

The seizure is believed to be the largest ever of liquid methamphetamine.

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