Jose Canseco Leaves Mess in Home After Eviction

Baseball slugger Jose Canseco has been evicted from his apartment. His landlord says he made a bizarre attempt to turn his backyard into a beach.  INSIDE EDITION talks to Canseco's ex-landlord.

INSIDE EDITION toured a home 30 miles from the ocean after the celebrity that lived there dumped tons of sand in his backyard in a bizarre attempt to turn his yard into a beach.

"Who does this? Who puts sand in a backyard?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

He even converted the indoor sauna into a closet because he needed more space.

The landlord says the guy didn't pay his rent and he was evicted. He was so angry about getting kicked out, he left the place in shambles, and you won't believe who is allegedly behind this mess.

It's none other than controversial slugger José Canseco, who was famously caught up in baseball's steroid scandal.

In 2008 Canseco had financial problems and lost his million dollar house to foreclosure. He rented this more modest 3,800 square foot home in Los Angeles from Chris Amirault.

There are pictures that show how the house looked before Canseco moved in, and after the slugger left. He left a garage filled with junk, including smelly sneakers and filthy mattresses. Inside the home there were holes in the walls, and homemade electrical wiring.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Amirault, "You're out about how much?"

"If I had to guess with rent and everything, maybe 20-25 thousand easy," said Amirault.

Adding insult to injury, Canseco posted some bizarre rantings on his twitter page about his eviction. He tweeted, "No more Mr. Nice guy. I need an attorney pro bono my landlord evicted me and would not let me take my chandeliers with me. Need your help to get them back."

But Canseco sent another tweet that Amirault took as a threat.

Moret read the tweet, which threatened, "'Try to take what's mine when I come get it and I will crush you.' "

Amirault is concerned about his safety because Canseco is a certified kick boxing trainer. But, he says the one time slugger should take care of the mess he left behind.

Canseco did not agree to be interviewed for the report.