Kanye West: 'I'll Only Attend Grammys If I Win Album of The Year'

The rapper is not even nominated for the award.

Kanye West is threatening to boycott the Grammys over an award he’s not even nominated for.  

The rapper hasn't RSVP'd to the Grammys, yet he Tweeted, “I'm not going to the Grammys unless they promise me the album of the year!!!”

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There’s one problem: West isn’t up for that award.

Meanwhile, everyone is wondering if there will be fireworks between Taylor Swift and West if he does show up.

The two have been feuding over his new song, where he raps: “Taylor might still have sex. Why, I made that b---- famous. I made that b---- famous.”

LL Cool J, who’s returning to host for the fifth year in a row, brushed off the feud, saying he thinks West will be on his best behavior. 

Asked if he’s going to run interference in case West runs up on stage, he told INSIDE EDITION, laughing, “Is she paying me for security? Chivalry isn't dead. I think Kayne will be fine. I think the night will go off without a hitch.”

“It’s amazing, the level of talent here, the excitement, the electricity,” he said.

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Swift is up for seven nominations, and is opening the show.

LL said viewers should expect special tributes to music legends we lost this year.

“We have the remaining Eagles paying tribute to Glenn Frey, along with Jackson Browne and Lady Gaga playing tribute to David Bowie,” he said. 

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