8-Month-Old Baby Rescued From Stranded Tram Car at Ski Resort

Nearly 50 visitors, including George and Sabrina Lewis and their daughter Remy, were left stranded at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire when a lift stopped.

Skiers and visitors on a New Hampshire mountain, including an eight-month-old baby and her family, got a scare this weekend when they were forced to rappel down from a malfunctioning tram.

The aerial tramway that takes people up and down Cannon Mountain in Franconia suddenly stopped before 2 p.m. on Sunday, leaving a total of 48 people trapped in two tram cars.

With no quick solution available, the stranded skiers and sightseers were forced to rappel 40 feet down to safety.

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Among those stranded were George and Sabrina Lewis, their au pair Paula and eight-month-old daughter, Remy.

The cars began to be evacuated around 3:20 p.m. The Lewis family were among the first to be lowered down.

But while everyone in the cars calmly waited to get back to solid ground, the train operator was kind enough to give her coat to the Lewis family to help keep the baby warm, according to WMUR.

After that, the baby reportedly went right to sleep.

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After everyone was off the trams, they were escorted into the resort's restaurant and offered complimentary food and beverages.

According to a statement from Cannon Mountain officials, emergency personnel were on hand at the base and summit and no injuries were reported.

It has since been ascertained that the tram stopped due to an issue with the service brakes and no injuries or frostbite were reported.

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