4-Year-Old Twin Girls Joined At The Skull Successfully Separated After Nearly 11 Hours of Surgery

Two twin girls from Syria joined at the skull have been successfully separated after nearly 11 hours of surgery in Saudi Arabia.

A team of 22 doctors and nurses have successfully separated 4-year-old twins joined at the head, according to medical officials.

Tuqa and Yaqeen were flown from wartorn Syria to Saudi Arabia, where physicians were able separate them in nearly 11 hours of intensive surgery, according to Al-Arabiya.

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The operation was performed in six stages at King Abdul Aziz Medical City in the capital of Riyadh on Sunday.

The girls shared a skull, but not a brain. Her father had petitioned the country to perform the surgery, saying he had 11 children and could not afford to pay for the painstaking operation.

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Sauda Arabia, where surgeons routinely perform separation procedures, paid for the family's transportation and medical costs.

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