Aquarium Cancels Mating Show Fearing Giant Octopus Would Eat Mate

A Seattle aquarium cancelled its Valentine Day mating show, fearing giant octopus would eat its mate.

The Seattle Aquarium called off its Valentine's Day mating show out of concern a giant octopus would eat its sweeheart instead of having sex with it.

The annual exhibition was cancelled after staff became fearful that Kong, an enourmous, 70-pound octopus, was so big he might mistake a much smaller female for food instead of a sexual partner.

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The females weigh about 30 to 40 pounds. An octopus lives only three to four years and mates before death.The male dies a few months later. The female succumbs after her eggs hatch.

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Instead of conjugating, Kong was released back into Puget Sound, KOMO reported.

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