Watch Trio Steal $6,000 Worth of Panties

A shoplifting ring that operates in New York and Connecticut extended their reach to Natick, Massachusetts recently, police said.

Cops say ring of shoplifters known mostly in Connecticut and New York recently extended their activities to Massachusetts, where police say they stole $6,000 worth of panties.

Surveillance video shows what police say are a man and two women working as a team to methodically rob a retail store of the trove of underwear.

According to the Natick Police Department, the group is part of the Organized Retail Crime circuit, which the FBI claims accounts for some $30 billion in retail losses each year.

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"These people are very adroit in their craft. They employ teams, run counter-surveillance, utilize communication systems, often times steal to order and provide a strong stream of cash should one or a few get caught," the Natick Police wrote in a Facebook post along with the surveillance video.

In this particular case, police say the male suspect was driven to the Natick area after becoming too well known for their alleged activities elsewhere. 

"As one female left the store with a full bag of merchandise, the other would join him and the pattern repeat," the post read.

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Police told INSIDE EDITION they believe the group was using special bags that block theft deterrent sensors, since every third pair of panties was tagged.

In the video, the thieves move swiftly and successfully flee the store. However their numbers may soon be up.

According to the Natick police, all three suspects have been identified and authorities are working toward their arrests.

"We are also confident that the next time this guy encounters a police officer a warrant awaits," Natick police said.

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