Prosecutor Breaks His Silence About Jodi Arias Case: 'She Thought She Was As Smart As Einstein'

Juan Martinez is sharing how he put Arias behind bars after she stabbed her ex-boyfriend 27 times.

The prosecutor in the Jodi Arias case is speaking out in a new book, Conviction - The Untold Story Of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars.

In 2008, Arias stabbed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, 27 times and then shot him in a frenzy she claimed was self-defense.

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“Jodi Arias believed that if her I.Q. was measured it would be something like in the area of Albert Einstein. So, she probably thought that she could get away with it,” prosecutor Juan Martinez told INSIDE EDITION.

“What she did to Travis Alexander was absolutely horrific. The act of taking the knife and sticking it in his chest, and sliced his throat while he was still alive, that speaks to horrific overkill on her part.”

Arias recently had her visitation privileges revoked for six months for cursing at a corrections officer.

She tried get under the prosecutor's skin during the trial, saying in a tweet that Martinez suffered from “little man syndrome."

Arias “apparently forgot that the case was going to be tried in a court. Not on social media,” Martinez said.

From behind bars, Arias reportedly asked a friend send out a tweet this week when she heard about the prosecutor's new book.

The tweet read: “A reality check is in order as Juan begins peddling his book, making appearances & patting himself on the back 4 a job well done.”

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Martinez says Arias killed Alexander because he wanted to break up.

“Jodi Arias wanted to have Travis for herself. He didn’t' want to see her anymore. So what she decided was, he wasn't going to be able to do that to her,” he said. “Killing somebody is not love. It's just a show that this person belongs to you and that if you can't have them nobody else will.”

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