Man Who Met Girlfriend in Kindergarten Recreates Tear-Jerking Commercial to Propose

Marcus Decredico proposed to his girlfriend Jessica Langevin in an adorable scene that echoed a viral Extra gum commercial that was released last year.

Remember the tear-jerking viral commercial showing a man proposing to his girlfriend with the help of hand-drawn pictures on Extra gum wrappers?

Now one man has taken a lead from the ad - and the results were no less adorable.

Marcus Decredico led his girlfriend Jessica Langevin to a tree on a hill overlooking the Bay area. There she admired pictures of their most memorable dates, which he had hand-drawn on Extra gum wrappers and hung from the branches.

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Then she came across one picture showing him down on his knee with a ring - and realized that this was about to become their most memorable date yet.

She flung her arms around him as she accepted his proposal.

The adorable scene, which was captured on camera, echoed the popular Extra gum ad that came out last year. The company helped Decredico reenact the commercial for his proposal.

"Marcus chose all the moments and Extra gum helped to illustrate them with the sketches," a company spokesperson said. "We were thrilled to be able to be a part of helping this awesome couple get engaged!"

The couple met in kindergarten and dated briefly in high school before going their separate ways. Both went on to marry other people and have children.

But when Jessica was 25, her husband died fighting in Afghanistan. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

To get back on her feet, she launched an in-home daycare and Marcus contacted her about looking after his two daughters.

The old feelings were still there - and the two have now been together for five years. They are expecting their first child together this year.

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Despite the cameras at their proposal, Extra says the bride-to-be had no idea.

"She thought she was being filmed for a travel documentary, which allowed us to capture her story on film. She had no idea it would end in a proposal celebrating her and Marcus’ special moments together!" the spokesperson said. "The proposal shown in the video is the real deal and was captured as it happened."

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