Mom is Charged With Killing Son Whose Remains Were Found in Her Car 10 Years After He Was Last Seen

No one has seen Quincy Davis alive since 2004, who would have been 14 or 15 at the time.

A Virginia woman was charged with killing her son after police found the boy’s remains in her car more than a decade after he was last seen alive, officials said.

Tonya Slaton, 44, is accused of second-degree murder—charges that were upgraded from concealment of a dead body— in the death of her son, Quincy Davis, police said.

Davis, who was enrolled at Virginia Beach Middle School in September 2001 and withdrew two years later, was last seen when he was in seventh grade, WTVR reported. No one has seen him alive since 2004.

No family members ever filed a missing person's report for Davis, police told INSIDE EDITION. 

The indictment reportedly charges Slaton with killing her son between July 24, 2004, and July 24, 2005.

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He would have been 14 or 15 at the time.

A Virginia State Trooper who stopped Slaton’s black 2003 Ford Mustang for expired license plates in June of this year found human remains inside car, which authorities later identified as Davis.

After discovering the car’s plates were not found on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the trooper “discovered a black trash bag in the trunk… There was a strong odor of rotting flesh permeating from the bag,” the television station wrote.

Police declined to comment on the specifics about where Davis's remains were kept prior to their discovery in Slaton's car. 

Slaton was indicted by a grand jury on Feb. 1 and arrested on Feb. 5. She is due in court later this month.

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Slaton was convicted in 1997 of misdemeanor assult and battery for injuring Davis when he was six years old, The Virginian Pilot reported

The child had cuts and bruises on his chest and back, but Slaton was sentenced to no jail time on the condition of good behavior for six months, the paper wrote. 

The woman previously served about four years of a 15-year sentence for shooting into an occupied dwelling and attempted maiming in 2007, according to WTVR.

She reportedly became angry when an ex-boyfriend tried to end their relationship, retrieving a gun from her car and saying that “neither one of them were going to leave alive.”

The boyfriend climbed out of a window to escape Slaton, who reportedly fired four shots through the man’s door. 

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