Family Discovers Their Home Was Occupied by a Serial Killer

Imagine the shock of finding out that the house you live in was the former home of a serial killer. INSIDE EDITION talks to two families living in the unusual circumstance.

A family moves into their new home only to discover they are actually living in a house of horrors.

Rita and Anthony Bucklew and their seven children moved into a five acre Colorado home three months ago. They were excited to remodel. Then a neighbor told them shocking news...they were living in the former home of a serial killer.

"We were in shock. I mean, I was floored. I am very angry about it and I am very upset about it because they took away my dream," said Rita.

When the Bucklew family moved into the home outside Denver, Colorado, they had no idea that a confessed serial killer once lived there and he's suspected of murdering several of his victims inside the house.

Rita says the real estate agent never told them that killer Scott Kimball was the last person to live here. Kimball is in prison after confessing to four murders. But investigators believe he may be responsible for other unsolved killings.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "It's a nightmare here for you to live here?"

"Yes," said Anthony.

As if Anthony Bucklew needs any gruesome reminder of what happend here in this house. He belives one body was found in a spot where there appears to be a blood splatter from the victims.

Rita said, "I don't sleep at night. Unless my husband is awake all night for me to be able to sleep."

But surprisingly, not everyone is opposed to living in the former home of a serial killer.

Barbara and Tom Williams just bought a Sacramento duplex where notorious serial killer Dorothea Puente once ran a boarding house.

"We should be closing within the week. We are so excited," said Barbara.

Puente was accused of killing nine tenants so she could steal their social security checks. Police found seven bodies buried on the property.

Tom said, "She actually buried one maybe two, here in front."

The husband and wife say they'll make their master bedroom where Puente reportedly kept her victims bodies.

"Dead bodies were kept in this room," asked Anthony.

"You know, you don't dwell on it. You don't think about that," said Barbara.

Puente is serving life in prison. Still, the couple says they couldn't pass up this five bedroom duplex for just $215,000.

Barbara said, "People tend to cringe when they hear about the home and all I can say is, we will make it less cringe-worthy."

But there's one big difference between these two families. The Sacramento couple's realtor disclosed the home's murderous past. The Bucklews say they were blindsided.

Rita said, "Beware when you buy a house."

Moret asked, "Do you feel like you were duped?"

"Yes. They took away my dream," said Rita.

In Colorado, neither the seller or the agent is required to disclose that deaths occurred on a property.