Watch Police Rush Abandoned Newborn To Hospital After Finding Him Inside a Bucket

Body cam footage shows the moment police in Colombia rescued a newborn baby found inside a bucket.

Startling footage shows police in Colombia rescuing an abandoned newborn who was found inside a bucket.

A member of the public alerted officers, who found the child in the Santiago de Cali area of western Colombia.

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The video, which was captured by an officer's body cam, shows the baby still covered in amniotic fluid and with his umbilical cord attached.

The officers speed away with the child - still in the bucket - before racing to the hospital and running up stairs to get him treatment as soon as possible.

The newborn, who weighed around three pounds, had hypothermia but is expected to be fine. Doctors believe he was a month premature, according to reports.

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Police are now looking for the child's mother. A police officer urged others who face a situation like the mother to reach out to authorities for help.

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