College Student Surprises His Shuttle Bus Driver with $450 Birthday Present

A college student at the University of Central Florida surprises a shuttle bus driver with a birthday present he'll never forget.

A college student at the University of Central Florida surprised a shuttle bus driver with a birthday present he’ll never forget.

“Maurice, you deserve this all and more,” junior Joshua Gicker can be heard saying on the celebratory video posted to YouTube.

The cinema studies major transferred to UCF last fall.

“Maurice was one of my first friends. I can remember it like yesterday, going to campus to buy some books one night and I was one of the only people on the bus,” Gicker told INSIDE EDITION.  

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Gicker said everyone at his apartment complex loves Maurice. “When I found out his birthday was on Valentine’s day, I posted on my apartment’s Facebook page a few days prior asking if people would be interested in pitching in for a gift card for Maurice. The response was mind blowing. One person even bought a cake for him,” explained Gicker.

Maurice was overwhelmed when Gicker handed him his birthday card with the presents inside.

“Holy smokes!" he says in the video. "There are too many things in here. What? No! A visa with $421? No! That’s not true. I appreciate it. Hold on, another one? $30!"

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Gicker continued: “Maurice lives by example and I am inspired by that, as are my peers. Growing up my parents always told me that you ‘become like the people that you hang around’ so with that said, I think everyone should hang around Maurice"

He added: “I shared the video originally just for my apartments Facebook page so that way everyone could see Maurice's reaction and then it spiraled out from there. I'm just really happy everyone gets too see his heart.” 

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