Woman Tearfully Describes How a Stranger Cut Her Unborn Daughter From Her Womb

Michelle Wilkins, right, took the stand during the first day of testimony in her alleged attacker's trial.

Choking back tears, Michelle Wilkins told Colorado jurors Wednesday how a woman she had only just met cut out her seven-month-old fetus and left her to die in a basement.

In a Boulder courtroom, Wilkins said she fought with Dynel Lane last March in the woman's home, after answering a Craigslist ad for free maternity clothes.

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Lane dug the heel of her hand into Wilkins' windpipe and stabbed her with a piece of glass, Wilkins testified during the first day of testimony in her alleged attacker's trial. 

"I kept saying, 'Why are you doing this? I don't know why you're doing this but I love you.'''

Lane replied, "If you love me, you'll let me do this," Wilkins said.

The defendant, 35, has pleaded not guilty to six felony counts, including attempted first-degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy, the Denver Post reported.

Wilkins testified she went to Lane's home about noon, and the two women sorted through clothes. They discussed pregnancy and their partners, Wilkins said.

Prosectuors said Lane went to great lengths to fake being pregnant and posted photos of herself with a distended belly. She told her boyfriend she was expecting, but kept changing her due date, he testified later in the day, according to The Associated Press.

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Wilkins said Lane hit her in the back as she turned to leave. Lane stabbed her in the neck with a piece of glass, Wilkins testified and hit her with a lamp.

Lane used kitchen knives to cut the unborn baby girl from her abdomenn, Wilkins said. She passed out in a basement bathtub and awoke to find herself drenched in blood with her stomach ripped open.

Prosecutors said Lane took the fetus home with her and then told her boyfriend that she had given birth in their bathtub.

After being rushed to a nearby hospital, Lane refused to let doctors examine her, but later admitted the fetus, which did not survive, was not hers, authorities said.

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