Meghan McCain Criticizes Bristol Palin for Not Voting

Meghan McCain is speaking out again, this time about Bristol Palin not voting in the midterm elections. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Meghan McCain is slamming Bristol Palin for not voting in Tuesday's election.

"I think anyone that doesn't vote is just ridiculous," said Meghan.

When asked if she voted in the midterm elections, Bristol Palin said, "I did not send in my absentee ballot in Alaska. I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, Mom!"

Bristol's admission to INSIDE EDITION was all the talk on The Tonight Show last night, and John McCain's daughter didn't pull any punches.  

"I guess it's only important to Bristol Palin to vote for Dancing with the Stars," Meghan quipped sarcastically.

And Meghan McCain's not the only one talking about our story. It's generated headlines across the country.

"Too Busy Dancing, Bristol Palin Didn't Vote" read The Washington Post. London's Daily Mail said, "Sorry, Mom!"

Bristol is hardly alone. Only about 12% of people her age actually vote in elections.