The New Miss World Weighs in on Pageant Controversy

The new Miss World speaks out about the controversy over her win at this year's pageant, which some are saying was rigged for political reasons. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The newly crowned Miss World is speaking out about whether or not her win was the result of politics.

Miss World Alexandria Mills, who is from Louisville, represented the United States and took home the crown, but going into the pageant, 23-year-old Miss Norway was the favorite to win. However, she didn't even make the top five!

"I really hate that this has become such a big thing that everyone is talking about," said Alexandria.

Some are saying Miss Norway was robbed! Why? Because the contest was held in China and some believe judges bowed to political pressure because Norway recently awarded the Noble Peace Prize to a jailed Chinese dissident.

"I do not believe the event was swayed in any way," said Alexandria.

The new Miss World and Miss Norway are actually good friends. They even posed in a picture together, both in red bikinis.

"I do feel badly for Miss Norway, that she's gotten these negative comments. She is a wonderful young woman," said Alexandria.