A Man Who Solicited Online for 'Incest Family' of Single Mom, Young Daughters, Gets 10 Years

A man who wanted an "incest" family gets 10 years in prison.

A Florida man who wanted to build an "incest" family with a woman and her two daughters has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Aron Fink, 44, wept in court as he was ordered to spend a decade behind bars in a federal corrections facility.

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The Broward County man, using the handle "KinkyDaddy4y," went online to solicit women with young daughters, authorities said.

For weeks, he communicated online and on the phone with a woman he thought was the single mother of two daughters, ages eight and 10. But he was really talking to an undercover cop, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

He talked of having sex with the woman and her girls, prosecutors said. He also said he wanted to have a baby with the woman so he could have sex with that child, too, authorities said.

Fink apologized in court and said he was glad he was caught in the sting operation. "I have no excuses ... I do have a problem," he told the judge, according to the paper.

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In one message to the woman, he sent naked photos and wrote, "I have been looking for a mom who was raised in an incest family and wants to continue the beautiful world of incest with their kids."

He was arrested last summer after showing up at a restaurant thinking he was going to meet the woman.

Days after his arrest, Fink was attacked in the Palm Beach County jail system. His jaw was broken in several places and his mouth was wired closed for months. He told officials he didn't remember who attacked him.

He has been kept in solitary confinement since then, the paper said.

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