Brother Brought to Tears When His Little Sister Uses Her Birthday Money to Buy Him a Hamster

Daniel Stout could do nothing but hug his little sister, Abby, after the kind gesture.

When Daniel Stout saw the hamster his sister Abby received for her sixth birthday, he realized he wanted one too.

So Daniel started saving up and his mom, Rachel, said she would give him extra money if he completed chores around the house.

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That's where Abby stepped in. After receiving around $50 in birthday cards, she knew exactly how she was going to spend it. So while her big brother was at a sleepover, their mom took her to the pet store.

Touching video shows the moment Abby surprises her big brother with his very own hamster. The little boy is so overwhelmed that he can do nothing but hug his sister tightly and sob.

"Are you crying?" she asks him. "Because I am," she says, before burying her head in his shoulder.

"My children love to do nice things for each other, but it still amazes me and brings me so much joy when I witness their awesome connection and love for each other," mom Rachel Stout told INSIDE EDITION.

She said that she was touched by Abby's incredible kindness and she knew that Daniel would be overjoyed.

"I expected Daniel to be thrilled and extremely thankful," she said. "Daniel has a big heart and has no problem expressing his feelings. So while I didn't know he would react that way, I wasn't completely shocked.

"He loves his sister and he knows that her choosing to spend her birthday money on him rather than on herself was extremely selfless."

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Now the siblings are enjoying their new pets. Daniel has named his Cubby, while Abby's is called Keke.

"Daniel loves his new hamster," their mom said. "Both hamsters are extremely friendly. Daniel's will even cuddle up and go to sleep!"

The video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times since it was posted to Facebook.

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