Here's How You Should Be Cooking Hard-Boiled Eggs, And Other Household Tips

You're doing everything wrong.

INSIDE EDITION has tricks and tips to help you with everyday household chores that you might be doing wrong.

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Tips For Doing the Laundry

When it comes to doing the laundry, you don't need as much detergent as you think you do, according to lifestyle expert Kris Drew. More suds do not mean cleaner clothes, she says.

"You don't actually need to use the whole cap, you just need use half," she said. "It saves you money and will keep your clothes cleaner." 

As for drying your clothes, do not put dark-colored clothing in the system. The high heat will make the colors fade so line dry them instead.

Also, do not put towels and bed sheets in the dryer together. Instead, dry them separately because it will make the sheets last longer. 

Tips for the Kitchen

To peel hard-boiled eggs easily, boil the eggs with baking soda and it allows the shells to slip off easier. 

There's also a trick to eating pizza. Drew advises to cut the crust off the pizza then put it in the center of the slice. Then fold it like a taco and eat it that way. 

Inside the cupboard, do not keep natural peanut butter like regular peanut butter. Because of the oil, store it upside down so that the oil can move within the jar and moisten all of the peanut butter.

And you might be eating cupcakes wrong. Cut the cupcake in half and make a sandwich out of the two side, using the frosting topping to connect the pieces together. 

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Tips For the Shower

Drew says you shouldn't be taking a long, hot shower.

"People turn the temperature up way too high, which is going to take the moister out of your skin," she said.

She also advises not to wash your hair more than twice-a-week. If you wash it everyday, it dries your scalp and moister is lost from the hair follicles, she says.

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