Lawyer Who Planted Drugs in PTA President's Car Claims He's Innocent

Kent Easter and his wife Jill plotted to frame Kelli Peters following an disagreement.

A PTA president in Orange County, California has been vindicated after winning a suit that claimed an angry couple planted drugs in her car as revenge for a perceived slight against their son.

Life has been Hell for Kelli Peters since police found the drugs in her car, but now she can begin to rest easy since it was proven that she was framed. 

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Peters told INSIDE EDITION: "It is the worst nightmare you could not wake up from. I mean, it is just nonstop harassment." 

Peters found herself the target of a diabolical plot to destroy her reputation by a married couple, Jill and Kent Easter.

Now a civil court awarded her $5.7 million and justification.

"I am glad it is over," she said. 

Her ordeal started over pick-up times for the Easter’s six-year-old son. Jill Easter arrived at the school to pick up her son, but couldn’t find him.

When asked about the boy’s whereabouts, Peters replied he was “slow,” meaning he was walking slowly.

Jill Easter took it as an insult and as a knock on her son’s intelligence. She went to the principal and demanded that Peters be released of her position.

The Easters, who are wealthy lawyers, plotted to frame Peters by planting drugs in her car. Kent Easter disguised his voice and called police from a hotel saying he saw Peters driving erratically in an elementary school parking lot.

The PTA president was arrested, but the plot soon began to unravel.

Jill Easter, who wrote a thriller about committing a perfect crime under the pen name Ava Bjork, pled guilty and was sentenced to four months in prison.

Kent Easter was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

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In a video deposition obtained by INSIDE EDITION, he declared his innocence. 

Though the case blew apart their marriage, Kent Easter told IE: "I regret the way my wife has been portrayed. She is stable, gentle, beautiful, and talented."

Kelli Peters says she realizes she may see only a fraction of the $5.7 million she won, but says she welcomes finally being done with the ordeal after five long years. 

"I needed to do it; I needed to show people, this is not okay to do to somebody," she said. 

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