Teen Who Screamed While Watching 'The Walking Dead': 'I Didn't Expect the Cops to Show Up'

Emily Lamere told INSIDE EDITION she had turned up the TV to watch her favorite show.

Nearly 14 million people tuned in to watch the explosive mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

One family never imagined that watching their favorite show would lead to a police surrounding their home.

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Emily Lamere, 14, was watching the show in her bedroom and couldn't control her screams as zombies attacked her favorite characters.

“I didn't think that the police would show up,” she told INSIDE EDITION. “We turned the TV on really loud and so it would scare us more.”

The screams were so loud, her neighbor thought someone was actually being threatened, so the woman called 911.

Suddenly cops surrounded the family home in Great Falls, Montana and were demanding Emily’s dad come out with his hands up.

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Once police realized it was a big misunderstanding, they revealed they were big fans of the show as well.

Emily says she'll probably scream again next time she watches, but promised: “Next time I watch I will turn down the TV and close the windows.”

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