Big Night For Trump and Hillary While Bush Calls It Quits After Embarrassing Loss

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie in Nevada Saturday as Trump took South Carolina, where a distant 4th finish was enough to make Jeb Bush call it quits.

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Nevada Saturday as Donald Trump took South Carolina, where a distant fourth finish was enough to make Jeb Bush call it quits.

Clinton came back from a bruising New Hampshire primary to prevail over Sanders in the Nevada caucus with the help of women, unions, and minority voters, according to entrance polls.

In her victory speech, Clinton appeared to fault Sanders for always sticking exclusively to the issue of economic inequality.

"The truth is, we aren't a single-issue country. We need more than a plan for the big banks; the middle class needs a raise and we need more jobs. We need jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced, jobs that provide dignity and a future."

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Clinton and Bernie next face off Feb. 27 in South Carolina's Democratic primary, where the Republicans on Saturday tapped billionaire Donald Trump as their choice for the nomination.

Trump's victory--his second after New Hampshire--was notable for many reasons. Perhaps most importantly, he has history on his side. No Republican in modern times has won New Hampshire and South Carolina and then failed to win the nomination, notes the AP.

"Thank you, South Carolina. This is an amazing, amazing night. The momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable," Trump told supporters following his win. "OK. We go back to war tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning we'll be back but I just want to congratulate the other candidates. There's nothing easy about running for president, I can tell you. It's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious, it's beautiful."

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Behind Trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio took second place by a razor thin margin over Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In a distant fourth place was Jeb Bush, the man once considered a shoo in for the Republican nomination.

The loss was the final straw. Bush announced he was suspending his campaign.

"The people of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have spoken," Bush said. "And I really respect their decision. So tonight, I am suspending my campaign."

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