Stingray Hilariously Photobombs Couple's Proposal Pictures

A Toronto man enlisted the help of an aquarium staffer to help him propose, but a pesky stingray refused to get out of the way.

A man's heartwarming plan to propose to his wife in the shark exhibit of a Toronto aquarium went hilariously awry thanks to a pesky stingray.

User McYay posted about the fish's attempt to ruin the happy moment to Reddit, along with photos that show she and her now fiance didn't let it get to them.

This, despite the lengths McYay's fiancé must have gone to create the perfect moment.

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"We were watching the stingray feeding," she wrote. "The host asked for 2 volunteers to play a game and they picked us to go up."

While McYay tried to guess what type of stingray her fiance was describing, the audience seemed strangely restless.

"I'm thinking I am so embarrassed and this is definitely some sort of prank on me because people in the audience are giggling and gasping," she wrote.

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Finally, it was McYay's time to guess. "Host lady says I can turn around and see for myself and tadaaaa," she wrote.

Her pictures show what everyone thought was so funny. As a staff member in scuba gear held a sign that (presumably) read, "Will you marry me?", the stingray kept getting right in front of the all important message.

Nonetheless, McYay said yes and she and her fiancee share a kiss in a memorable photo made all the more special by the camera loving critter.

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