John Gardner Says "I Am An Animal"

In his first interview behind bars with 48 Hours Mystery, convicted murderer John Gardner says he knows he will kill again and should be locked up forever. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A chilling confession by a notorious killer of teenage girls.

"I will kill. I know I will. I am like an animal, just like they said, I'm an animal."

John Gardner was convicted of raping and murdering 14-year-old Amber Dubois, and 17-year-old Chelsea King. The crimes horrified the nation. Residents of Gardner's neighborhood outside San Diego were especially outraged when they learned who had been living among them.

At his sentencing in May, Gardner wept as his victim's heartbroken families ripped into him. A family member of one of his victim's said, "You will burn in hell for the acts you have committed. I just hope that day is an agonizingly long way away."

An image of Gardner snarling during his trial gave a hint of the rage within. And now, in an exclusive jailhouse interview with 48 Hours Mystery, that smoldering rage bursts into the open as Gardner said the following during the interview:

"I am the type that needs to be locked up forever."

"It's so hard for me to just talk, I get mad."

"I am so unstable."

The interview is Gardner's first on-camera interview behind bars. He says he expects to die in jail, one way or another.

Gardner said, "Somebody will come and get me. That will be a release for me. I'm going to torture myself more with the memories that I have and how much I beat myself up over it, than death itself. It's either going to be that or I will end up killing myself, one of the two. I can't stand to be confined." 

Gardner avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to the killings. His interview airs Saturday night on CBS.