Cops Find Over $500,000 Worth of Meth Stashed Inside Fire Extinguishers

Authorities in Georgia have busted an alleged meth ring after allegedly intercepting a shipment of the drug stashed inside hollowed out fire extinguishers.

Police in Georgia recently pulled off a major drug bust after a weeks long investigation led them to over $500,000 worth of methamphetimine stuffed into hollowed out fire extinguishers.

The Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad first got wind of what they believe to be a meth ring with ties to Mexico back in January following a traffic arrest made in a neighboring county.

When officials followed an alleged member of the ring to Houston weeks later, they believe he received a shipment of meth.

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The man returned to Georgia on Valentine's Day, according to a police statement. That's when authorities say they were led to the 42 pounds of meth "base powder" contained in three fire extinguishers, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.

"Agents believe this powder was destined for a conversion lab (a facility to turn the powder into crystal methamphetamine) somewhere in metro Atlanta," according to the statement.

The undercover investigation, in which agents say they successfully purchased meth from alleged members of the ring, resulted in the arrests of three men.

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Police also said more arrests could be forthcoming.

While the $546,000 bust is nothing to sneeze at, authorities in Australia recently discovered a shipment of meth worth even more and hidden in something even stranger.

Australian authorities announced last week the arrest of four men they say tried to smuggle around $900,000 worth of methamphetamine into the country inside silicone bra inserts and art supplies.

$900 Million Worth of Meth Found Hidden Inside Thousands of Bras