Thrill Seeker Arrested for Climbing Shanghai Skyscraper a Month After Scaling the Great Pyramid

A German teen who loves to post his daredevil antics to social media was arrested by Chinese authorities after scaling the 1,255-foot Jin Mao Tower.

A German teen who's built a daredevil reputation by scaling massive man-made structures was once again arrested recently, this time during a thrill-seeking swing through China.

Andrej Ciesielski was arrested back in January after climbing the Great Pyramid at Giza. Last week, Ciesielski posted a video to YouTube that shows him climbing Shanghai's Jin Mao Tower.

Ciesielski told INSIDE EDITION that the 1,255-foot high tower was actually his second choice. His first choice, the 2,073 foot Shanghai Tower, however, "was impossible."

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"I travelled with a friend to Shanghai. We failed around 3x. We also failed the Jin Mao Tower for a few times but after several attempts we finally did it," Ciesielski told IE.

Ciesielski said he and his friend were forced to climb on the outside of the tower at one point, which turned out to be their undoing.

"Some people from the Shanghai World Financial Centre observatory saw us climbing to the top and we got caught when we wanted to leave the building," he said.

Ciesielski and his friend were arrested and held seven hours, he said.

"The police wanted to know the exact way how we could reach the top. The police couldn’t believe that anyone without permission could reach the top," said Ciesielski.

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Permission or no, they did it. And, if you ask Ciesielski, they didn't break a sweat--at least not compared to the Great Pyramid.

"I was relaxed because the Pyramids are handmade and climbing a ladder is more easy for me," he said.

More than just a thrill seeker, Ciesielski said he hopes to "inspire some people that they try to do what they love!"

Needless to say: Don't try this at home.

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