Paralyzed Bunny Named 'Wheels' Gets Around on a Mini Skateboard

A farm bunny in New York State that was paralyzed in a spat with an older rabbit dragged his legs around as if nothing was wrong -- now he has wheels.

A baby bunny at a New York State farm that was paralyzed this winter now has a sweet set of wheels.

And an appropriate name: Wheels.

The folks at Overlook Acres in the town of Amsterdam discovered little Wheels after he spent a long cold night outside of his warm nest after an older rabbit attacked him and left his back legs paralyzed.

"After much care little wheels woke up to a nice warm room surrounded with humans," Jason Ambrosino wrote on a Kickstarter page he hopes will fund a children's book about Wheels' story of resilience.

"He sped around the pen inside dragging his back legs like nothing was wrong!"

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Touched by the bunny's resilience, the farm owners took the animal inside their home, where they gave him a wheelchair fashioned out of a miniature skateboard and a sock.

Wheels' positivity also inspired Ambrosino to write the children's book about "the little bunny that wouldn't give up!"

It also likely saved Wheels from the dinner table.

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"We breed them for meat and they are raised in a commune environment which is vastly superior to keeping them in cages," reads a post about Wheels on the Overlook Acres Facebook page. "This is our farm life.

"This roller bunny, however, is now a "pet' and will remain inside and bless our hearts everyday he is with us."

You can help Wheels' tale become a published children's book by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, here.

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