Stray Bullet Narrowly Misses Sleeping Baby As It Passes Through Crib

The Tennessee parents of a 5-month-old girl got a major scare early Sunday when bullets penetrated their nursery walls and nearly hit their baby.

Parents of a 5-month-old girl got a major scare when bullets penetrated their Tennessee nursery walls and nearly hit their baby.

A bullet flew into the Knox County home of Sarina and Brian Manifold early Sunday and shot through the crib of little Brynn as she slept.

"Inches separated a bullet from her body," the tearful mother told WVLT.

The bullet then traveled through the bedroom wall and lodged into a stud in the guest bedroom.

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The shocked couple ran into the nursery to find wood fragments littering the crib.

"As soon as I hung up the phone with 911 I think that's when it hit me, and I just started hugging her and sobbing," Sarina Manifold said.

Knox County police believe the shots were fired from blocks away. At least 10 rounds were believed to have been fired.

Nine shell casings were recovered, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

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As they family recovered from their late night trauma, Sarina Manifold hoped the unlikely story will be a lesson to gun owners.

"People who choose to have weapons and want to go out and shoot them, that they know that bullets do land somewhere. And they landed in our house. And that scares me," she said.

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