Teen Who Allegedly Posed As a Doctor Says His Intentions Were Pure

Malachi Love Robinson, the teen who allegedly posed as a doctor, is defending his actions to IE.

Malachi Love Robinson is the 18-year-old who was charged with posing as a doctor.

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He says to INSIDE EDITION: “My intentions were pure!”

The teen allegedly opened a medical clinic in a plush building in West Palm Beach, Florida, in January and posted his name on the building directory with an impressive list of degrees and qualifications.

Andrew Stine is his attorney. “Mr. Love Robinson has never held himself out to be a medical doctor,” Stein said.

Investigators say that's not true. They say the teen was seeing patients. He was arrested after he allegedly examined a female undercover officer.

The teen says he was upfront with the woman and said he was not a medical doctor.

“We put her in a triage room where we took her weight, her blood pressure and her temperature,” he said. “There is no law that says you have to be a doctor to take someone's blood pressure. This is a free country; anyone with the funds to open a clinic can open a clinic.”

His website said he has a five-star patient satisfaction rating but he says he never treated anyone. He says the website was produced by an outside company that used stock photos. A woman named Bettina, who claimed to be treated at the clinic, was not real, he said.

He said it is not misleading.

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The teen says he says he can call himself a doctor because he has a doctorate degree.

“My PhD, I have one, it's in a broad field but I don't wish to disclose that information,” he said.

INSIDE EDITION did some research and found that he has a doctorate of divinity, which in his case is an honorary degree that you can buy online for $32.99.

When asked about his other degrees and qualifications, he said: “I don't feel comfortable disclosing that information.”

His mother says he suffers from an "undisclosed illness" and has refused in the past to take his medication.

“I want people to know any concern I understand it, I respect it. I am not a bad person. I was simply trying to help,” he said.

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