Legally Blind Woman Sees Her Grandchildren For The First Time Using New Technology

Bonny Tarantino, who's legally blind, was able to see her four-year-old twin grandchildren for the first time.

Call it love at first sight.

An Ohio grandmother was able to see her four-year-old twin grandchildren for the first time using new technology utilized by an application available on Android phones. 

“To be able to see again and see my grandchildren – it’s spectacular!” Bonny Tarantino, who’s legally blind, told INSIDE EDITION.

Tarantino was diagnosed 16 years ago with a rare eye disease called Starghart, for which there is no treatment or cure, which causes loss of eyesight, she said. 

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“Most people get it as a childhood disease,” explained Tarantino. “Doctors say people make adjustments for it and don’t realize they have it until their older. 

"For me, it kept getting worse and worse. All I have now is peripheral vision and can’t see any faces at all. If I look at you it’s just blur.”

Tarantino’s husband, Mike, was determined to help his wife regain her vision and began researching new technology.

He discovered a free app called Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid and then paired it with a cardboard virtual reality set by EightOnes VR Kit.

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“It’s like Photoshop in her head,” Mike told IE.  

“But the screen does add 20-30 pounds and gray hair,” he joked.

Tarantino was finally able to see her grandchildren, who were born after she was diagnosed with the disease, in a touching video shared by Viral Hog. 

“It was just like I could see again the way I could see 16 years ago. It was fabulous,” she said.  “My grandchildren, Chloe and Clark, the two I’ve never seen, I couldn’t believe it. It was weird to see all those facial features.”

Tarantino has not yet told her doctor about the new development, opting to spend her time with her family.

It is not clear how long the app will work effectively, but the grandmother was overjoyed with the time she was given to see, saying: “Life is totally different. I can’t begin to tell you how fabulous this is for me. I want everyone to know how terrific this is.”

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