106-Year-Old Woman Dances with the Obamas Inside the White House

One woman's wish to meet the first black president was 106 years in the making.

A 106-year-old woman danced with youthful exuberance when she met President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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Virginia McLaurin was at the White House to celebrate Black History Month and became the Internet’s latest dancing sensation after video of her bopping with the Obamas surfaced on Sunday night.

Michelle Obama told the proudly dancing woman: “I wanna be like you when I grow up!”

“You can,” McLaurin affirmed.

President Obama asked: “What's the secret to still dancing at 106?”

“Just keep moving,” she answered.

The encounter took place after McLaurin launched social media campaign in 2014 to meet them.

In her campaign, she said: “I didn't think I'd ever live to see a colored president. I am so happy. I pray for you every day of my life."

When she finally got her wish, she was overcome with joy and raised her cane broke into dance steps. 

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“I am so happy,” she told the Obamas.

She was born in South Carolina in 1909. She moved to the nation’s capital in 1941 and has lived there ever since. She's lived through both World Wars, segregation,  and 18 presidents.

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