Cat Comforts Dying Cow During Last Hours of Its Life in Heart-Warming Video

One cat didn't see a difference in species and just saw a friend in need as a cow was passing away.

When a caring cat noticed his friend, a cow, was dying from old age, he resolved to stay by his unlikely buddy until the very end, comforting the farm animal in her final hours. 

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When Wesley T. Monkey saw Penny the cow was nearing the end, the feline remained at her side, purring and cuddling until she passed away last month. 

Wesley T. Monkey is there for all of his animal friends at the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.

The non-profit, founded by Indra Lahiri, cares for abandoned and rescued farm animals.

Lahiri says that Wesley is different from the 100 cats that live on their property, as many opt to run away when they see another animal. But Wesley enjoys going for a ride on his furry friends.

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The two-year-old cat not only likes to hang out with the cows, he also has been spotted relaxing on pigs and sheep at the animal sanctuary.

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