Pictured: Six Victims of Kalamazoo Shooting Rampage

Michigan authorities have released the names of all six people killed at random in Saturday's gruesome shooting spree.

Authorities have identified all six victims killed during a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo on Saturday. 

Those gunned down in the random killing spree, allegedly by Uber driver Jason Dalton, include a father and son who were out shopping for a car, two sisters-in-law, a 74-year-old woman, and the 68-year-old grandmother figure to a teen victim who managed to pull through.

Richard Smith, 53, and his 17-year-old son Tyler were looking at cars outside a Kalamazoo dealership after hours when surveillance footage shows the shooter approach them and shoot them dead before either could react.

Laurie Smith, their grieving wife and mother, took to Facebook to express her grief.

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"I am lost without my boys..." she wrote. "My precious baby... taken away before he even graduated from high school. I miss you, bud and love you more than life itself."

Also killed were four elderly women in a Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot.

Sisters-in-law Mary Jo Nye, a 60-year-old retired English teacher, and 63-year-old Mary Lou Nye. Mary Lou's home was destroyed in a tornado five years ago, after which she and her husband lived in a camper on their property while they rebuilt their lives.

Despite the hardship, neighbor Carol Dinges told the AP that Nye was always in high spirits.

"Every time I spoke with her, she was just pleasant," Dinges said.

The couple had two sons.

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Barbara Hawthorne, 68, and Dorothy Brown, 74, were also killed in the parking lot. Brown had two sons who live out of state.

Hawthorne, a longtime employee of the Kellogg Company based in Battle Creek, Michigan, was at the restaurant with fellow victim Abigail Kopf. Relatives say Hawthorne was like a grandmother to Kopf, who beat all odds to survive her own injuries after her heart briefly stopped and her parents agreed to donate her organs.

Finally, the first victim of Saturday's shooting also survived and is being hailed as a hero.

Authorities say 25-year-old Tiana Carruthers put herself between the gunman and a group of three or four children when the shooter opened fire near an apartment complex playground. She was shot multiple times and severely injured, but has survived to undergo multiple surgeries.

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