Watch As This 3-Year-Old Girl Helps a Sheep Deliver Her Lamb

3-year-old Lilly Nicholas helped deliver a lamb last Thursday. Believe it or not, this wasn't even the first lamb she delivered.

Last Thursday, 3-year-old Lilly Nicholas and her mom Rachel were carrying out a routine evening feeding in their stables when Rachel noticed one of the ewes going into labor. 

"It was just out of the blue," Rachel, from South Wales in the U.K, told INSIDE EDITION. "I said to Lilly, 'Roll your sleeves up!'" 

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"She [had been] watching us, and last year she was starting to put her hand in," she said.

Rachel said Lilly finally felt comfortable enough to deliver the baby lamb herself, as long as her mom was talking her through it.

A video shows the incredible moment Lilly built up her strength to tug on the tiny lamb's legs at their barn in Raglan.

"I feel his mouth!" Lilly exclaims in the video.

Believe it or not, this is not the first lamb Lilly delivered. She had delivered her first lamb a couple weeks before the ViralHog video gained popularity.

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As for the other animals on the farm, Rachel laughed as she told INSIDE EDITION that "pigs come on their own and cows are a bit bigger. She'll help us out, but she certainly wouldn't be big enough to hold a cattle." 

"[Lilly] is very independent and strong willed," Rachel said, "Hopefully she'll stay connected to the farm and her animals." 

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