Erin Andrews Becomes Tearful as Jury Hears How She Was Secretly Filmed

The Fox sports reporter is seeking $75 million in damages from the hotel where she was recorded.

Television personality Erin Andrews cried Tuesday as her attorneys described her humiliation at being filmed naked during opening statements in a $75 million civil suit against a Tennessee hotel.

Andrews listened as lawyer Randall Kinnard told a jury that seven words could have prevented his client's shame after a nude video of her went viral on the Internet.

The words, he said, were "I'm sorry, we can't tell you that," Kinnard said in the second day of Andrews' trial against a Marriott hotel, where staff allegedly told stalker Michael David Barrett that Andrews was staying in room 1051, which allowed him to rig a peephole so he could film her changing clothes.

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Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison in 2011 for taking the video.

Andrews' suit claims hotel staff were negligent in giving out her room number and telling Barrett that she had already checked in.

“What could a man calling a hotel asking to be placed next to a woman mean?” Kinnard said. “It could be an ex-husband, it could be an ex-boyfriend, somebody who wants to hurt that woman."

Andrews, who was working for ESPN at the time, has also appeared on "Dancing With the Stars."

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Attorneys for the hotel said Tuesday that blame for the video lies squarely on the shoulders of Barrett. A former Marriott employee testified that giving room information was not a violation of hotel policy at the time.

Management also said: "Since the incident in question, the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt has changed management. The new management company requires and enforces a strict adherence to policies regarding guest privacy, and as such, has implemented additional safety and privacy measures."

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