Bereft German Shepherd Waits in Vain for Owner Slain During Armed Robbery

A German Shepherd, pining for his owner, waited for weeks at the gates of a Texas apartment building for a man who would never come.

A loyal and forlorn German Shepherd sat for weeks waiting for his owner, not knowing the man had been killed during a convenience store robbery.

The dog paced the front gate to a Houston apartment complex, but shied from neighbors who brought him food and water.

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"You could just tell that he was a lost dog," neighbor Cassandra Eubanks told KTRK-TV.

"He would follow the cars, and when he would realize that it was not his owner's car, he would just stand there and look helpless," Eubanks said.

Owner Hatem Abuharbid, 54, had been shot in the leg during a robbery Feb. 7 at the store where he worked. He later died at a nearby hospital.

Police are still investigating.

"Of course he's confused because he doesn't know what's going," Eubanks told the station. "He hadn't seen his owner in two weeks."

The bereft dog wouldn't let anyone near him. After an appeal went out on social media, Maranda Perez showed up Monday with her own German Shepherd.

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She followed the spooked pet up three flights of stairs, with her dog in tow, and sat and comforted the animal.

After about an hour, he let Perez snap a leash to his collar. "He was still very shaken up whenever I touched him," she said.

She was able to coax him into her car, and says she will keep him for a week. The victim's brother has said he will come for the dog.

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