Woman Who Told Neighbors She Wanted to Taste Their 'Delicious' Children Pleads Guilty

Carrie Pernula sent a letter to a Minnesota family that read: "The children look delicious. May I have a taste?"

A woman accused of sending a letter to neighbors telling them their children looked "delicious" has pleaded guilty to a stalking charge.

Carrie Pernula, 36, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one gross misdemeanor charge of stalking, according to CBS News. One count of disorderly conduct was dismissed.

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Last September, her neighbors in Champlin, Minnesota received an anonymous note in the mail that said: "The children look delicious. May I have a taste?"

They then started receiving magazine subscriptions addressed to "Tasty Children." Others were addressed to "Iwantyour Children."

The family shared the note to a community Facebook page.

"Opened our mail today to this letter," they wrote. "Obviously my stomach started doing somersaults."

In response to the letter, they added: "The answer is NO! NO you may not have my children in any way, shape, or form. And beyond anything physical you may NOT rob them of the security and comfort they feel...

"What you MAY do, since you were so formal in your letter to ask, is you MAY turn yourself into the police, or you MAY seek help for your sexual and/or homicidal urges. Either way, the children of this community are off limits."

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Police arrested Pernula in October after tracing the magazine subscriptions to her IP address, according to reports. Authorities said she admitted to making the threats after the children made noise and left items in her yard.

She is restricted from having any contact with the victims and is required to undergo counseling, according to CBS. She was also ordered to pay $200 to cover prosecution costs.

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