Convicted Murderer Used Facebook to Communicate with Outside World

Convicted murderer William Joseph Hogan was using Facebook on a contraband cell phone to communicate with the outside world. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

"Oh, he's just so evil!" said Reba Garrett of the man who killed her beloved granddaughter, Wendy Renee Thweatt Hogan.

"He shot her eight times," Garrett said.

William Joseph Hogan was sentenced to life behind bars for the murder of his wife...but one aspect of the killer's liberty was unaffected by prison walls: his Facebook page!

Using a contraband cell phone, the convicted murderer stayed in touch with the outside world from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility with Facebook messages such as this:

"If the pen gets any better, I might not want to leave. Tattoos dirt cheap, sleep all day, play volleyball, sun tan, workout and read."

Garrett was appalled when she learned that Hogan's Facebook page remained intact after he went to prison for killing his wife, a mother of three.

"She was by far the best woman," said a tearful Gail Bailey, the victim's aunt.

Both women were shocked and horrified by the murderer's Facebook page, especially when he listed his relationship status as "widowed"!

"He's not widowed - he killed his wife!" said an outraged Garrett.

Hogan's page also says he is looking for friendship, dating, and a relationship!

And you won't believe what else he's posted on his Facebook page.

"He's soliciting money, and telling people how to send him money!" said Bailey, reading from his page. "He's supposed to be locked away from society; he's supposed to be suffering!"

Hogan also posted swastikas on his wall.

One of his Facebook friends wrote: "I didn't know they let u guys use Facebook."

"I don't know, it's just unbelievable," said Bailey.