Watch 7-Year-Old Boy Break Down in Tears When His Navy Officer Dad Returns Home Early

A touching video captures Alex's surprise when his dad walks through the door.

A touching video from Love What Matters shows the moment a 7-year-old boy broke down in tears when his Navy officer dad returned home and surprised him.

In the footage, Alex Spengler's mom, Jennifer Cullen, teases him about his dad.

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"He has something important to tell you!" she tells him.

"What?" Alex responds. "He's coming home?"

Moments later, Alex's father, Sean Cullen, embraces the boy from behind, sending him into a fit of giggles and tears.

Chief Petty Officer Sean Cullen has served for 11 years, and has been deployed in the Middle East for a long 99 days.

Jennifer Cullen told INSIDE EDITION that she encouraged Alex to place a kiss in a jar every night that his dad was not able to kiss him goodnight.

"We may have treated ourselves to a few [extra kisses] on lonely days!" she said.

While his father was away, Alex showed unconditional support for him at home.

"He proudly wears his [camouflage] backpack to school every day and tells everyone he meets that his daddy is 'The Chief!'"Jennifer Cullen said.

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Alex, 7, spends time with his "Daddy Doll" as his dad is deployed. (Courtesy of the Cullen family)

Alex was also able to share moments with his dad during his deployment by carrying around a "Daddy Doll."

Jennifer Cullen added: "From opening Christmas presents, to reading, to building Lego, Daddy was always right there."

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