Erin Andrews' Dad Reveals How Peeping Tom Ordeal Made Her Fear For Her Life

Steven Andrews testified about the day she learned a stalker had posted naked video of her online.

Erin Andrews' father took the stand in her $75 million civil trial against the Nashville hotel she accuses of negligence for telling a stalker her room number.

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Erin's dad, Steven, a TV reporter from Tampa, Florida, spoke about her childhood and recalled the day she decided she wanted to be a TV reporter.

"Hannah Storm was interviewing Charles Barkley. She just looked at me and said: 'Dad, that's what I want to do,'" he testified. 

Erin would go on to become a rising star at ESPN. She became so popular with sports fans, her bosses gave her a nickname – “Erin Page Views.”

Initially, Erin smiled at her proud dad's recollections, but her smile vanished as her dad described the day she learned a peeping tom had posted naked video of her on the internet. The sports reporter began crying in the courtroom and was seen shaking. 

"She kept screaming, hysterically, uncontrollably, I couldn't understand what she was saying. I was trying to make out what she was saying. She kept screaming: 'I am on the internet. I am naked. I am done," he said. 

In the weeks that followed, Erin was a wreck.

"She was victimized, traumatized and horrified,” he said. “I don’t know if you could do anything worse to this person.”

He added: "She was just a mess. She didn't want to change her clothes because she thought somebody might be spying on her. She didn't want to go into her house because she didn't know if there was somebody waiting for her," he said. 

Her family even feared for her safety.

“I thought if this guy would have been a killer, she would’ve been dead,” he said. "She is afraid of crowds and people. Now she doesn’t trust anymore."

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Another issue Erin had to deal with was cynics who accused her of using the scandal for publicity. Erin is now the host of Dancing With the Stars.

"The things that were coming out on the internet were that this was a publicity stunt," her father said. "That this was something just to garner attention, to get more fame."

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