Christina Walsh's Ex-Boyfriend Comes to Her Defense

INSIDE EDITION is speaking to the ex-boyfriend of Christina Walsh, the porn star linked to Charlie Sheen.

The ex-boyfriend of Charlie Sheen's alleged escort is coming to her defense.

Micah Mayell dated porn star Christina Walsh for more than a year and now he's speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about her.

He says he doesn't think Walsh swiped Sheen's $150,000 Patek Philippe watch, the loss of which reportedly sent the actor into his headline-making meltdown at the Plaza Hotel.

"I really don't think she did, because I don't think she would be that stupid, to compromise that night. I don't think she would have the guts to be with Charlie Sheen and take off a watch," Mayell said.

"Do you think that Christina was frightened by Charlie Sheen?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"Absolutely. Who wouldn't be scared? It's mindboggling to think that a guy would create such ruckus over a damn watch," he said.

Mayell says he spoke to Walsh a week before Sheen's reported alcohol- and drug-fueled rampage at the Plaza.  

He told Moret about their conversation. "She said, 'Micah, I don't know where I am spiritually right now, I feel lost, I feel out of touch with God.' "

After seeing that Walsh was the mystery woman involved in the Sheen scandal, Mayell says it all made sense.

"To have the epiphany, I was like, 'Ah...she was struggling with the issue of working with high-end clients as an escort,' " Mayell said.

Walsh has denied that she's a paid escort and says she never took Sheen's watch. When she finally emerged from seclusion in Los Angeles, she went shopping with two friends...for a watch.   
She must be doing well, because she spent $3,000 on a vintage Rolex, which she proudly wore out of the store.

"Do you think that Christina was trying to send a message by going into a store and buying a watch?" Moret asked.

"She's a smart girl, to the masses [she] can send a message saying, 'Look I don't need Charlie Sheen's watch, I can buy my own watch,' " Mayell said.