Did Beyoncé Snub Lionel Richie's Haiti Project?

Did music superstar Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z snub Lionel Richie's "We Are the World" for Haiti project? And why didn't Alicia Keyes, Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga participate? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Some of music's biggest stars were noticeably absent from the historic gathering to raise millions for earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Now Lionel Richie's manager is lashing out.

"The stars that turned us down will regret not doing this," said Lionel Richie's manager.

So where were Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z? What about Grammy golden girl

Taylor Swift and star Lady Gaga?

Hollywood Reporter columnist Roger Friedman wrote, "Jay-Z and Beyoncé had no excuses. They were in town."

Lady Gaga was rumored to have gotten cold feet at the last minute, but Taylor Swift reportedly had a real excuse, leaving immediately after Sunday's Grammys for a tour of Australia.

Lionel Richie, who co-wrote the original "We Are the World," was instrumental in bringing together the historic group. Taking aim at the A-listers who didn't show up, Richie's manager said, "Until you see what it is and you feel what was in that room, you'll never know."

Meanwhile, Beyoncé's little sister, Solange Knowles, is taking aim at Taylor Swift, asking why the country sweetheart was the most talked about star on Grammy night. Swift racked up four Grammys, including Album of the Year. But Beyonce won six awards, more than any other woman in one night in Grammy history.

Solange took to Twitter, writing, "so why do i KEEP seeing "other artist" as the Nights "big winner"....(*kanye shrug here) ????" It's a reference to the infamous moment at the MTV Video Music Awards, when Kanye West rudely interrupted Swift to praise Beyonce.

Solange didn't give up, twittering again, "Im sorry but i'm having another kanye rant moment. My sister BROKE THE RECORD for the MOST GRAMMY'S IN ONE NIGHT BY ANY FEMALE."