Senator Films Elephants Charging At His Convoy: 'It Was Pure Terror'

Senator Jeff Flake told INSIDE EDITION he could do nothing but flee.

A herd of African elephants turned on a group of unsuspecting tourists, attacking the frightened group— including a U.S. Senator— in an effort to protect their young.  

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican, was in Africa investigating the poaching of elephants for their tusks, which are sold to support terrorism.

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Flake was taking video with his iPhone in Mozambique when he and his entourage found themselves face to face with the angry elephants protecting their young.

“I didn't know what they'd do if they caught us,” he told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian. “We could see them stick their trunks in the air and then they started charging it wasn't just one it was several of them. We had the turn the jeep around really quickly and get out of there.”

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Fabian joked: “You know the elephant, of course, is the symbol of the Republican Party. What does this say to you that a group of elephants are running you down?”

“There's no professional courtesy around here. There was a Democrat in the Jeep and I told him: ‘Donkeys would never do this to him.’”

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