Watch Student with Autism Jump for Joy as Cheerleader Classmate Invites Him to Prom

When he finally responds yes, high school cheerleader Mikal Bartosik said: "I'm not a crier, but that brought tears to my eyes."

A touching video shows a high school student with autism jump for joy after a cheerleader invited him to their senior prom.

Mikal Bartosik, from Lakeworth, Florida, presented Jonathan Ramillo with a giant cookie which was iced with her request.

"Will you go to the prom with me...?" Ramillo reads from the top of the cookie - before he cheers and jumps for joy.

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He dances around in excitement for several seconds before finally confirming his response: "Yes!" 

"I'm not a crier, but [Ramillo's reaction] brought tears to my eyes," Bartosik told INSIDE EDITION. 

Bartosik said that she became friends with Ramillo in sophomore year, when she used to sit with him at lunch. She soon befriended more students in the school's special needs program, and realized none of them had been to prom before.

"This year, Johathan approached me saying, "I want to go to prom, I want to go to prom!" Bartosik said. 

Bartosik said when she told her friends she planned on inviting Ramillo to be her date, some asked if that was how she wanted to celebrate her senior prom.

She responded: "Yes, that sounds awesome!" 

So, she ordered a cookie cake from Mrs. Field's and asked him to the prom..

"Our families went out to lunch together after I asked him, and he loved my parents," Bartosik said.

"Students with special needs need to be looked at for their true personality, and not to be looked at for their disability," cheerleading coach Jeanne Ladner told INSIDE EDITION. 

"I hope that she set the pace and more people will follow her [lead]."

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As for the big day, Bartosik promised that she would give Ramillo the full prom experience this coming April. 

"The past two years I've went to prom, I got corsages and boutonnières, so I'm probably going to keep that tradition going and get both of those for him," she said.

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