Erin Andrews Shows Signs of Stress As She Heads Back to Court

Andrews wore her hair down in court on Thursday, perhaps to cover a rash.

Erin Andrews entered court Thursday with her hair down, leading some to speculate that a nervous rash she developed after being spied on through a hotel room peep hole had reappeared.

The Fox sports reporter is suing a Tennessee Marriott hotel for $75 million, claiming staff were negligent in telling a stalker her room number, which allowed him to rig a peephole with a video camera.

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Michael Barrett taped the woman changing clothes then posted the nude video to the Internet. He was convicted in 2011 and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

On Thursday, jurors saw the peephole video after court personnel took extraordinary measures to prevent anyone but jurors from seeing the images.

The courtroom's security cameras were switched off and paper was taped over door windows after staff noticed people were taking photographs through courtroom windows. Andrews left the court in tears before the video was shown, according to The Tennessean.

An expert for the plaintiff testified the video had been seen by more than 16.8 million Internet viewers before it was taken down. 

Erin's father, Steve, testified Wednesday that the incident had scarred his daughter and left her fearful and anxious in crowds. She wept through much of that testimony.

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A former front desk supervisor also testified she had not been given a written training manual, but said staff had been told to not give out room numbers.

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