After Man Built Dozens of Tiny Houses For the Homeless, The City is Taking Them Away

Builder Elvis Summers set up dozens of the compact homes, which are the size of a parking spot and come with solar-powered lights.

After a Los Angeles man built dozens of "tiny houses" to give homeless people a roof above their heads, the city has responded by seizing them.

Builder Elvis Summers set up the compact homes, which are the size of a parking spot and come with solar-powered lights, over the past year after receiving more than $100,000 in donations from around the world.

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"I build tiny houses for the homeless because it's the right thing to do. We are all human beings and nobody should be homeless," he previously told INSIDE EDITION.

“Regardless of how someone became homeless, we're not animals or non-intelligent beings, we should be better than we are. More compassionate.”

But now, the city wants them to go.

Some of the homes have been removed as part of a street clean up, while others were seized to stamp out street encampments, a Bureau of Sanitation spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times.

The structures are considered "bulky items," Summers said. They will be destroyed, the sanitation spokesperson added.

The mayor's office says the city is committed to getting homeless people more permanent housing, rather than these tiny houses.

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"Unfortunately, these structures can be hazardous to the individuals living in them and to the community at large," his spokesperson, Connie Llanos, told the Times.

On Facebook, Summers expressed outrage in a video and said he planned to file a class action lawsuit.

"I will not quit and I will not turn my back on these people," he said. "I will still fight this all the way."

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