Tearful Boy Refuses To Eat His Dinner Because 'It's Just Too Cute'

That's one excuse we've not heard before.

That's one excuse we've not heard before.

A little boy tearfully refused his dinner, telling his mom it was "just too cute."

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In a hilarious video shared by America's Funniest Home Videos, the woman hands her son a plate covered with food in the shape of a face. Slices of hot dog make up the mouth, while globs of mustard and ketchup stand in for eyes.

Her son bursts into tears.

"It's just too cute for me to eat!" he tells her.

When she tries to help him eat, he refuses.

"Mommy, you never make something like this for me. Because, this is just too, too cute," he tells her.

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When she offers to change the smiling face to a frown, he stops her.

"No, I want it to stay with a smile," he sobs.

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