Pub Owner Is So Fed Up With People Having Sex In Her Parking Lot That She's Calling Them Out Online

After finding underwear outside her establishment, the owner posted an image of it to Facebook for the entire world to see.

A landlady in England is so tired of people having sex in her pub’s parking lot that she's calling out the fornicators online.

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Louise Fenlon, a mother of two, runs The Three Arrows Inn in Rochdale, England. After finding soiled underwear outside her establishment, she posted an image of it to Facebook for the entire world to see.


DOGGERS!!! Please be awere my CCTV reaches all off my carpark!! It's bad enough I have to endure the footage. But...

Posted by The Three Arrows Inn on Wednesday, February 24, 2016


“We get a few people parking and having sex in the back of the car under the impression the CCTV doesn’t reach that far but it does,” she told INSIDE EDITION. “We see the surveillance. It’s not every day but mostly on the weekends or during quiet times when we're closed.”

She said the gross interactions have no place at what she called a “family pub.”

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Fenlon doesn’t believe her customers are responsible but she said she is finding condoms, baby wipes, tights and stockings in the parking lot. She also found a pair of underwear in nearby bushes.

Police say it is littering but there is nothing they can do about it.

Fenlon said she posted the underwear online “for a laugh” hoping the owner would come claim it.

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